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THAT age

One evening after Aderyn went to bed, I went downstairs to watch a short show with Paela. We shared a blanket and a bean bag chair together, cozied up. I told Paela I liked to snuggle with her, and she looked at me and said "I love you, Mommy."

Yes, she's at that age.

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fast week

Summer is almost over.

But that didn't stop us from going to a new splash park in the area Saturday night. Both girls frolicked in the water, but Paela ended things early because she only wanted to do the swings.

And we went on a canoe ride up in Concord. I hadn't realized we've been married for over seven years and never done any kind of boat ride. Rebecca has never been in a canoe. But we found a great -- and contaminated -- river to have our adventure on. Paela was hesitant, but Aderyn was completely fussy, for the first half hour of the trip. But the rest of the time, the girls figured out what to do and how to enjoy their water adventure. I'm impressed the boat rental place didn't have a problem with us dragging our nine month old on a boat.

Aderyn did her nine month check up and she's still in the same high percentages as before.  read more »

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Drawing faces

Paela likes to draw entire scenes on her blackboard.
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birthday time

For a second I thought it was a pretty calm week. And it was. But it was also birthday week, so at least there's a little bit of newsworthy material.

Wayne had a birthday. We celebrated a bit early with Camilla and Victor coming over Sunday evening to hang out. But I made Wayne wait until Tuesday to carry on with presents and cake and such. I'm such a stickler that way, I guess.

Paela did an excellent job keeping the surprises secret. She helped me choose wrapping paper and wrap presents, and when Wayne tried to ask what he was getting for his birthday, she said "presents" and when he asked what was in the presents, she said "surprises." She wanted to get him something clown red for his birthday, or maybe it was a clown which was red. We're not sure which.  read more »

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First steps?

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Rebecca and I disagree as to whether Aderyn took her first steps this week. She wouldn't walk towards Rebecca or I, but managed a stepping-while-falling approach towards Paela. She has been standing solo more and more often, and she loves to raise her hands above her head in the "So Big!" position.

We finally visited Walden pond this weekend. We had intended to take a nice long walk in the peaceful forest, but instead spent more time "wading up to our necks" in the water. At least, that is what Paela did. She saw the water and walked right in -- with her clothes on -- and sat down. It was fun and next time we'll bring our swimsuits. 

There was a trip to the zoo somewhere in the week as well. Paela wanted to see the baby jaguar, just like on Diego. The bears tried to lick Paela through the glass, and she liked that.  read more »

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Water park summer fun

One day this week Wayne showed up at work with the terrible news that our car would not go in reverse or change gears very easily. After consulting with my dad, Wayne headed off to the local mechanic expecting to need a new clutch (or whatever the automatic transmission equivalent is). But he quickly returned home. The mechanic could not duplicate our problem. 

Remember when you were in school and you had a question so you called the TA over? By the time the TA got there and you started explaining your problem, you answered your own question before they could say a word. 

Isn't that just the way of things?   read more »

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I'm sorry

It is interesting to watch the more complex nuances of language develop with Paela. She recently started apologizing for everything. She would say things like "I'm sorry, but I don't have shoes." I would remind her that there was nothing to apologize for, as she had done nothing wrong. She would also say things like "I'm sorry, but I can't play trains." This continued to confuse us until we realized that her usage of the apologetic phrase was more metonymic than we had presupposed.  read more »

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Anniversary and birthday parties

Happy Anniversary to us. At least, that was true on Monday. But that seems like a lifetime away.

Aderyn got sick last night. We heard from Camilla that Cameron was sick and she was concerned she had passed the delayed bug to us, but it wasn't manifest until last night [so who knows if it really is the same bug or just looks the same]. And we settled ourselves down for a long and painful night, only to find it to be amiable. Aderyn was so sick, all she wanted to do was cuddle and be drowsy, all night and all day. She took several more naps than usual and spent much of the day clinging to Rebecca. Until the last hour, when she exploded with energy (and Paela as well) and has decided that the long and painful night should be the first night after recovery since she slept all day already.

At least, we hope this is recovery, not relapse.  read more »

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social experiences

The week started off slow. It's summer, what can you expect? Also I can't really remember what actually happened early on.

I think the chip-in farm may or may not have been visited. Story time may or may not have happened. I am pretty sure we did not pick up library passes this week, so that means no drumlin farm or zoo. But what else?  read more »

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