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We tried to stay wet.

One morning, I took the girls to the Lexington park -- because Paela likes their slide selection better -- but the heat and sun were so stifling, we changed our plans and went to an outdoor splash park instead. I wouldn't say that our area is "ripe" with free summer entertainment, but we have managed to stay wet via splash parks or swimming or whatever. Both girls are quite the tadpoles.

I had another phone interview for another possible job. I really wish there was more I could say about these, but until I am out of the hiring season, I'd rather not mention too many details. My interviews go well, but with the job market commanding hundreds to thousands of applications per opening, it makes employment seem distant.  read more »

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hot, hot, and more hot

It was hot this week. And hot some more. And then another day it was hot too.

We stayed indoors with blinds closed trying to escape the heat. We were grateful beyond words for the little window AC unit. We bought some more fans because the bedrooms don't get much of the cool AC air into them. And we looked forward to the predicted rain that was supposed to cool things down a bit. Mostly, the rain just made things muggier. We didn't realize that was even possible.

But, Paela and Wayne and Aderyn enjoyed the spray park in Waltham one morning. So much so that Aderyn stayed up well past her naptime that day. Paela asked me yesterday if she could go to the spray park again, or the beach again. You think she likes water activities??

Another day was a mall play area trip because the mall is air conditioned. Notice a theme? And story time was attempted and abandoned. It was a different library from normal, so what can we say?   read more »

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July of 2010

We go to the beach. Paela feeds a baby lamb. Stuff happens.
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july 4th etc

Salisbury Beach is a dump. The kind of dump that shouldn't still exist in this world of high technology and advanced marketing analysis. But it does, and it is a spot to treasure. It isn't that we fell in love with the "townies" who had sun-baked themselves into a cancerous leather-like skin, or the crusty boardwalk food -- but the ambiance was definitely so thick you could cut it with a knife. We decided to spend the morning of July 5th at the beach when we realized Aderyn hadn't been to the ocean yet.  read more »

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Paela draws like Andy

"When Picasso died I read in a magazine that the had made four thousand masterpieces in his lifetime and I thought, "Gee, I could do that in a day." So I started. And then I found out, "Gee it takes more than a day to do four thousand pictures." You see, the way I do them, with my technique, I really thought I could do four thousand in a day. And they'd all be masterpieces because they'd all be the same painting. And I started and I got up to about five hundred and then I stopped. But it took more than a day, I think it took a month. So at five hundred a month, it would have taken me abuot eight months to do four thousand masterpieces. It was disillusioning for me, to realize it would take me that long."

--Andy Warhol. "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol"  read more »

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Over the past few months, Paela has taken to creatively coming up with nonsense words. It isn't in the form of a regressive behavior, but in fact a type of game she plays where she tries to come up with new words that make her and us laugh. I'm not sure I remember how it started, but I do remember the most prominent form of it was when she decided that the word "poppy" (no relation to the flower) meant you had to respond with a "hmm?" And so it happened that her stuffed animals would come up with nonsense words and she and I would have competitions to see who could come up with the funniest nonsense word. Tonight, she began to list off the members of our family, "Paela, Momma, Daddy ... and ... Pooh-goo-downs!" I asked her to repeat that name and she just couldn't say it she was laughing so hard. Everytime she got calm enough to say it, she erupted in laughter before saying some iteration of the nonsense name.
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go train, go

Paela and Aderyn played a lot with trains this week. Aderyn is loving her newfound mobility. She is a happier camper the better she gets at crawling, as she can now chase us when we leave the room.

Or get into the cat food.

Or tear apart the train tracks Paela built up.

You can imagine how Paela and Star car feel about this. On the plus side, Paela is beginning to learn the powers of distraction. For example, we teach her to create decoy lines of the train cars she doesn't care about, in order to protect the line of her favorite train cars from the destructive powers of a baby on the move. She is learning, as this morning she used a decoy of the lego helicopter in order to keep Aderyn from crawling into the cat litter box. Go Paela, go.  read more »

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cruising and crawling

I got a new phone. And after a few days, it broke. The screen is really weak and it cracked in my pocket during daily use. This isn't a good phone for me. Sadly, my phone broke on June 15th. If that date is meaningless to you, it is because you aren't one of the 600,000 people who were attempting to get the newest iphone on the first day it went on sale. So, I tried to get my phone exchanged and failed. Eventually -- after AT&T's service collapsed under duress -- it was decided that they would postpone sales of iPhones. But their company is still reeling from the destruction left in the wake. How do I know? Because I have tried on three occasions to exchange my phone. Each time, I manage to get on the phone with someone, but then something disrupts the transaction. Once it was the inability of the service provider to access their own databases.  read more »

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me talking baby talk

Pyre does a little spidercrawl. She's getting better all the time. 

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shake the jumperoo

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