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Sage Advice

Don't forward
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what does a kitty say?

Paela knows what a kitty says, and will tell you if you ask her. Okay, well, she will tell me or her dad if we ask. Anyway, the point is, today I overheard Paela and the cat. Having a conversation. The kitty would meow, and then Paela would say "mwor" right back at her. I wonder what they were telling each other?
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A hope for the future


An 11-year old Paela can aspire to be like.

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Ah the joys of pregnancy... wait... what?!

Rebecca was sent this website by a friend which documents some terrible tragedies of cake decoration, sadly most of it done professionally. While this example only grabs your attention -- did they just mis-hear "congratulations on your TWIN pregnancy" -- some of the other cake travesties are much worse. Hit the link to read more hilarity.

Read more here. My personal favorite? "We will Miss" you.

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My buddy Eddo

I think I'm scared of people.

I begin many months ago when I met Eddo Stern while he was out here giving a lecture for the FUSE: conversation conference. Prior to this meeting, I didn't know of his work and during his lecture/presentation something just clicked and it all made sense to me. Afterwards, I went up to talk with him and he was really distracted and kept talking with other people. I ignored this fact, but the when we met again the next day, he couldn't remember my name. Rebecca comforted my bruised (and pathetic, I might add) ego by suggesting that perhaps Eddo is the type of person who doesn't remember names and faces very well.

So I could live with that.  read more »

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Mind your manners

So... that's funny.
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why the cat wants outside

Star has plans. Big plans. 
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Commoditizing our future by Charlie Stone

In doing some research, I came across a wonderful essay by Charlie Stone on the consumer computer trade and the miniturization of the economy in this trade. Ultimately, there are reasons we don't have the devices we want, and those reasons involve the support of what Charlie refers to as a "30-year binge" at the expense of the consumer. I have quoted the full text, but please go to his site for discussion.


I've spouted off previously in this blog about my lamentable poor saving throw versus shiny! — not to mention my irritation at the refusal of the consumer electronics industry to render me bankrupt by actually giving me what I want. Trouble is, at long last they've turned around and done it.  read more »

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Cognitive Heatsink

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are these people trying to be clever?




Groan. Any bets as to whether this person is a programmer, or just trying to be "clever"? "How's that working out for you... being clever and all that?"

The government isn't going to decipher your oh-so-clever "no war" protest sign.

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