we're all together again...

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...we're here, we're here. 

The week started with us brainstorming what needed to be done before people came out. Shopping, double checking hours on places, and other research items. All to be ready for the big Madsen family reunion this weekend, Boston-style.

We met up with Melissa and family at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire on Thursday. Aderyn, who regularly asks to be put in her swimsuit (him-hoot) in the hopes that she can get wet, was terrified of the waves touching her. Eventually she warmed up when Wayne made a little lagoon for her to splash and kick and let everyone pile sand up on her. Paela loved the waves like always and reminded us that we let too long go between taking her back to the ocean. I thought the water was way too cold, but acknowledge that we live just as close to the beach here as we did in CA. So maybe Paela has a point. The sand is warm and that is nice.

Friday, we waited for the rest of everyone to come in, made some dinner, and enjoyed some good Bedford Farms ice cream for dessert. The kids ran around like crazy. Good times.

We braved downtown on Saturday. I was pleased there was not as crazy of crowds as I expected to see. Paela and Aderyn thought the kid's museum was fun, though Paela was pretty tired and had a few meltdowns until we found a quieter room to hang out in. Aderyn was, of course, clingy. This has been a theme for her all weekend. No surprises there. Heaven forbid I have to powder my nose.

Chinatown and Boston Commons were fun too. Paela and I were lucky to be wandering on a hill when we heard the gunfire of a renactment. And then we went home and did more running around.

And today, we had everyone at Church with us, and did some crafts (Paela loves her some beads, who knew?) and more running around. Aderyn might be a little intimidated, but Paela is loving having cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents around. And in between the running around, we've enjoyed conversations with all the adults.

And Star is enjoying her insulin. Nice healthy numbers, and a very low dose. She feels like a kitten again and played some "baseball" with us for the first time in years.