Month of October , 2010

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So we didn't write last week. Whoops. Especially since that was the week that Aderyn decided to become a full fledged walker and almost abandon all crawling. Crawling is only used when she needs to race to the door if someone is going outside. 

Paela has had a number of playdates lately. She enjoys the social stuff, as long as it is a one-on-one interaction. As a side effect of her excitement for playdates, she has picked up the names of the week, even though she doesn't understand the order. We would let her know days before the playdate -- in order to prepare her for the experience -- that she would see her friend Alice on "Friday." Now she likes to ask what day it is and talk about what is supposed to happen on other days -- "We go to church on Sunday," or "It's not called 'windsday,' Daddy... today is Friday and that's the day I see my friend Alice."  read more »

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going, going, gone

It is decidedly Fall. We had lots of rain, and then it cleared up just in time for us to go to the orchard on Saturday with Camilla and Cameron. We enjoy the sun, it's true. Today as we walked into our house, Paela felt the sun and asked if it was Spring yet. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm sure she'll find things (aka snow) to enjoy about Winter.

Paela was grumpy on the way to the orchard Saturday. Aderyn had her crib blanket, and Paela only had a car blanket, not her bed blanket. She wanted to go home and get it. And not see any pumpkins, she said. But after tears, she decided that if I carried her "like a baby" that it was worth seeing the pumpkins and donuts and goats and everything. And then she was excited to see everything. Just like that. Aderyn enjoyed walking around feeling the pumpkins. I suppose we should get her some shoes that fit. We only have a size too big.  read more »

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car wrecks


Our week was derailed on Monday when we were in a car accident. The whole family was in the car. Rebecca took it pretty bad, as did the two girls. The car was still fully functional, but upon taking it to a body shop for repairs we discovered that all parts on our car were discontinued, particularly the crash bar which was needed to drive safely (upon event of a second car crash). Because we have made a conscious decision to be a single car family for various reasons, we then began the painful process of car shopping without any comfortable window of time to do it in.  read more »

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Fall of 2010

Paela has a birthday. It is colder (finally). We do various activities.
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700 miles

In a week and a half we've gone 700 miles. Why do we drive so much? Who knows. Wayne says it's an embarrassment. If you do the math, this is definitely not beyond the norm for us though. With his work 33 miles away and various errands 20 miles this way and that, it's easy to do. It is a shame it's so easy to drive so much.  read more »

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wet wipes

This is a story not for the general interest. There will be mention of diapers. And wipes. And etcetera. Let you be warned.

One day, Aderyn was a little fussy. But dinner preparations were underway and problem solving was slow to happen. Soon, I saw her toddling her way down the hall carrying her wet wipes container with her. She brought them right to me, threw them on my lap, and clapped her little hands. I scratched my head a moment or two, and then (you guessed it) took a sniff.

Thank you, Aderyn, for bringing me the wet wipes. I do so need them on your behalf.

Note: this isn't the only time she solved problems this way. She has trained us well that if she needs something, she brings it to us, throws it at us and then claps. 

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Paela traces some letters