let it snow? NO!

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It snowed. And snowed. While I may have experienced more snow than this in my life, I don't remember it. It was much more than predicted and the commonwealth of Massachusetts was put under a state of emergency. Somewhere between 18 - 24 inches fell, making the snow drifts close to three feet tall. The snow plows built a wall blocking us in our driveway, which took us most of the day to dig out of. I had hoped that Paela would enjoy the snow -- because she did in Michigan -- but it proved to be too overwhelming for her.

Lucky for us, Aderyn was better from her sickness during this time. Even more lucky was that none of the rest of us picked up her bug. I'm amazed that in confined spaces we didn't manage to pass this disease around the family. I'm not sure when that becomes the norm, but I don't look forward to it.

Paela went to her pre-gymnastics class on Monday. This is the more advanced class where she does it by herself, instead of with me. Paela has some good teachers that helped her participate and some new friends in the class which held her hand as they did the activities. Afterwards, Paela told us she liked it better than last year's class, but it is hard to know what she really thinks because she's such a Yes Man. But Rebecca showed her some online videos of olympic gymnastics and Paela thought that was pretty cool. I guess we had forgotten the step to show her what she was practicing for.

Our toilet was leaking. Water was dripping through the basement ceiling. Fortunately, the landlord was quick and skilled in repairing the worn out gaskets. Now things are good again.

We went down to Jamaica Plain a few times this week. I am in a new show up at the Axiom Center and so we had an opening Friday night. We brought the whole family -- which was fun -- but we won't be doing that again anytime soon. The girls just can't handle being confined for so long and I felt really bad that I wasn't there the whole time, etc. But we returned the next day to babysit Cameron while Camilla and Victor went on a Chocolate Tour of Boston. I think we might do the Chocolate Buffet someday because that looks awesome.

Aderyn has started talking the same way she started walking: barreling through it. Paela began to talk using words and proper phonemes, but Aderyn stumbles through it and keeps trying under the impression that she will get it right someday. So she says things like "sheeush (Cheese)" and "sssees (Please)" and "bah-i-bay (Baby)" -- and of course all the onomatopoetic sounds like "Mraow" and "Woof Woof" and "Ooh Oooh Ooh."