Quieter summer?

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After all my family left, Paela and Aderyn took one day to detox from having so many people around. Aderyn erupted in spontaneous giggles because she had kept her feelings so bottled up for many days. Paela was content to just play in her room by herself all day. But the day after, Paela was already asking when her cousins were coming back.

It has been hot. This means that the girls stay inside because it is cooler, but they get in each other's hair more because they want to be out and running around. We take advantage of our fantastic city splash park which is free after 5:30 and have gone almost every day. Aderyn walks around talking about her swim suit, wanting to put it on over her clothes and wear it all day.

So we went to Lake Canobie, our local amusement park. It is like a state fair on steroids and this is perfect for our kids. Aderyn wouldn't go on a ride at first unless she could go with her momma, and even though she seemed to like the spinning tea cups her first run, Paela went several more times without Aderyn. Until we got to the little kids' area. After she screamed when she rode the pony ride alone, she figured out it was lots of fun and wanted to ride everything, even without her momma. Especially the swing ride.

And Paela loves roller coasters. We're lucky to have a real one that they let kids her size ride (with an adult). She screams with delight.

We wanted to give people an update on our cat. After a few weeks of heavy sickness and lots of visits to the vet, we finally got her bladder infection under control and we're (slowly) getting the hang of having a diabetic cat. It isn't as bad as the first few weeks because our kitty doesn't mind having us touch/prick her paws, but it still is a ball and chain we could do without.

There were a handful of meetings I went to and a handful that I showed up for that no one else did. I've been asked to teach seminary for our ward. Yeah...