Month of May , 2011

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friends don't let friends "curve"

I still haven't caught up on my email inbox.

Things here have been busy, although not exactly taking care of highest priority events. Because the weather has turned suddenly warm, we took advantage of that fact to get the girls out of the house as much as we could. They both enjoyed the Drumlin farm on multiple occasions -- since we decided to get a membership this year -- and were lucky enough to get to see one day old pigs. Although both girls preferred the baby goats and lambs, but it was a good and tiring adventure for both.  read more »

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tagging along


Wayne and the girls tagged along on a few adventures with Camilla this week. The science museum on Monday, the water show at Jordan's another day, and the park on Saturday. Cameron and Camilla came to play Thursday while Wayne was teaching class too. Paela has enjoyed running around with her cousin so much. And Aderyn has enjoyed tagging along.  read more »

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One professor I admire confided in me that at the beginning of the semester he already knows who will be the A-grade students and who will be the C-grade students. We discussed this paradigm and at the time, I felt this to be an unfair prejudice towards incoming students. After some time teaching I have decided it is a horrible assumption to have, and yet it still rings (mostly) true semester after semester. Perhaps the reason why I keep seeing this behavior prediction come true is because my courses are very cumulative in structure. Therefore, if a student begins to fall behind early in the semester because -- for whatever reason -- they aren't completing assignments, then I always see these students not catch up by the end of the semester. There are many broken promises on their parts of made-up work and failed 'last minute' attempts. I believe that I'd like to try a different approach to learning which doesn't depend so much on consecutive and consequential units.  read more »

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just hiding

"I wasn't sleeping, I was just hiding," said Paela. She put a blanket over her head when we took the girls for a wagon ride, which she's done before. But this time when I uncovered her once we got home, her eyes were closed. She fell asleep sitting up. At 6 in the evening. Though when we tried to put her in bed, she started kicking the bed ten minutes later, so it was just a cat nap. Whew.

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who is mario?


Paela graduated to a big kid bed this week. She has been struggling for weeks now with her toddler bed being too small for her body (as well as all the stuffed animals and additional things she takes with her to bed). So we promised her a big kid (twin size) bed and we got her one. At least, a mattress. We're still working on the rest of the bed.   read more »