snow forever!!

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Snow, snow, snow. In order to prepare for the additional snow, I had to borrow a electrical mini-snow blower and move the 4 foot tall mountains of snow a couple of feet closer to the center of the lawn. After about 5 hours of this, I decided that I would end up with a psychological disorder due to the stress. We are running out of room and places to put the snow. Our roof might cave in. The drainage pipes are full and when this snow melts it will cause a second disaster. [I am reassured that the locals are talking about how much snow it is too. At least we're not out-of-town wimps! -bec]

Aderyn has increased the number of times she has slept through the night from five to more than five. We met with a different doctor -- a REAL pediatrician -- who immediately did some calculations and told us our medical dosage for her was off because of her weight, etc. Why didn't our family practicioner do this? We don't know. But that shift, along with a few other things, has dramatically improved her sleep at night. She's still no angel, but she's also not waking every hour. Or staying up for a couple hours at one in the morning. For that we are grateful.

We did the normal things these past two weeks: gymnastics for Paela, a few playdates for the girls. I filled out dozens more applications and lined up about 7-8 interviews for a conference this week. We prepared plans for travel and tried to stay out of the weather. I was going to go to a nice reception last night, but turned my tail and came back home when the car was sliding all over the road due to freezing rain. 

We try to feel "warmer" by doing bbq in the snow.