Month of November , 2010

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Three weeks already?

Sorry it has taken us so long to write everyone. We took a week off because we had a late night with Halloween and then we were in Austin last week with family. Our adventures have been fun, as have the attempts to return to a normal daily pattern of events.

We tried to take the girls to a trunk or treat Saturday before Halloween, but someone at church seriously didn't think through their activity plans and did the group activity from 6 until 8:30. Our girls -- and most every other family with kids the same age -- left at 8 PM after a few meltdowns. But on the whole, it was lots of fun for both. Aderyn chased balloons and people liked her monkey costume. Paela has been going through an obsession with the color red lately, so we helped her get dressed up as Santa Claus. That made her happy. As did the donuts.

But sadly, no candy this year. Whatever. They didn't really need it anyway.  read more »

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calm before the storm

It was a calm week. We're planning the fun for this week, I suppose. All we talked about all this week was what we want to do next week! 

The only other things of note are that we all got sick. Okay, everyone but Wayne. Not that it's slowed the girls down. I stayed home with the girls today, because we didn't want them coughing all over the other kids at Church. Paela's voice is a whole octave lower than normal.

Camilla had the great idea to go swimming yesterday. We attempted to fit in between all the naps. It turns out one-a-day nappers and two-a-day nappers are kind of tricky to coordinate. But we found a 45 minute chunk of the day to go swimming. And everyone loved it! The water could have been maybe a teeny bit warmer for the kids' sake, but you know, they didn't seem to mind their lips turning blue and such. Aderyn and Paela can't wait for someone to suggest swimming again.  read more »

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thanksgiving travellers

The house required several days worth of cleaning to prepare for my parents' visit. I'm amazed at the dirt that two little girls can spread all over the house. My parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon and Camilla and Victor and Cameron came to have a sleep-over that evening. They decided to come spend the night in order to get an earlier start on preparing Thanksgiving the next morning.

So we were all up by 7am and getting things ready for the day. We made lots of food, three loads of dishwasher dishes and tired ourselves out. We opened birthday presents for Aderyn all day long and I feel we did a good balance of Thanksgiving events mingled with birthday events. She loves her presents and a special thank you to everyone. She would carry around her birthday cards and show them to everyone.  read more »