Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our little Star cat is a south-paw. Whenever we offer her the treat jar, for example, she'll pull a treat out with her left paw. If we try to make her use her right paw by offering the treats at her side, she fumbles about because she just isn't as confident with her right paw.
October 15th.

Let me start at the beginning. Our friend, Christy, found some stray kittens near her house (our theory is Star cat gave away their location, because she talks so much!), and out of the goodness of her kitty-loving heart took them in to help get them used to humans so the humane society could put them up for adoption. The humane society wanted them to have "cute" and "matching" names to make them more appealing for potential kitty owners. Thus were named Lucy, Linus, and our Sally. Sally, however, took a bit more time to get used to this new lifestyle, and Christy grew attached to her. She wanted to see her go to a home with people she knew and trusted. At the same time, our friend Sara came to visit and told a story about her college days hiding forbidden cats in apartments (and in cars when landlords came to visit!). We decided it was time for us to finally own a cat, and Christy very fortunately decided to let us take Sally home with us. On the way home we tried to come up with a fitting name for our new kitten -- not a humane society public relations name -- but her name. It took us a couple of days, but we finally settled on Star. She is our star shining brightly, meowing for the whole world to hear.

All three, of course. One for each.

I like monkeys, they are cute

Riding on a horseback in their purple suit.

Funny little fellows, climbing all about,

We could be playmates, if they let you out.

Thirteen, four of those hanging out in the shower. Of course this count does not include other duck paraphernalia: the shower curtain, rug, soap dispenser, towels, mirror decal, kleenex box cover, decorative loofahs, and the matching yellow towels. Although the solid yellow towels have no ducks on them, they are, after all, yellow for a reason.
Shortly after we got married and moved to Utah, we were given a very friendly plant by Rebecca's brother, Karl. He warned us that it did not yet have a name (yes, he names his plants), so we sought to get to know our new plant and choose wisely. Somehow the plant soon began to breed gnats in its soil, perhaps because we kept windows to our second floor, non-air-conditioned apartment open. We tried desperately to kill the gnats infesting our plant and by association our apartment -- we tried everything from tape and plastic wrap concoctions, to sticking the poor thing on the back porch in the cold weather hoping the gnats would all die. We eventually remedied this dire situation for our poor plant with some sort of pest/fly spray (he is still growing strong, now in our California apartment, elevated above pussy cat height), but the plant gained a name: Gnat, short for Gnat King Cole. He is a jolly ole soul.