Month of April , 2011

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happy april fool's day

We got 6 inches of snow on Friday. Every weather station's favorite joke was about mother nature pulling a spring prank on us. Luckily, it all melted again that very same day. We snuck in a snowman before it was all gone, and didn't even have to shovel. That's the kind of snowfall I'm talking about.

Wayne had a consultation about his wisdom teeth. He never had to have them out before, but they are now recommending that one of them come out. It's not urgent, so he scheduled that surgery for late May after the semester is over. Smart man, from what I remember about wisdom teeth surgery. 

Aderyn had her weight check this week. She gained nearly a pound and a half in one week's time. She's back on track again. We all have colds now, but that never seems to get in the way of growing like normal, so whew.   read more »

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We got the plague again. Well, Aderyn and I did. The rest of them are healthy enough, so far. I suppose I got less sick than everyone else the other times, so maybe it was my due comeuppance. We are tired of stomach bugs in our house, though.  read more »

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little miss forgetful

I didn't keep a very good calendar this week. And my memory in the past year or so has gone down the tubes, but I'll give it a shot.

We went to celebrate Cameron's birthday at Camilla and Victor's last night. We all had fun, and Cameron was a happy birthday boy. Cake, bubbles, balloons, new toys...what's not to love about birthdays? Although Aderyn thought I was leaving at one point when I went to the other room. She has quite the lungs. And is not afraid to use them.  read more »

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wock wock wock

Happy Easter! Camilla and Victor and Cameron came to Church with us and then hung out for dinner and running around time. It was a great day. Paela especially loved having them over. She was concerned as we were driving home from Church, wanting to make sure they were still behind us. And never mind that Aderyn wanted to hold Paela's hand for ring around the rosy -- Paela was busy trying to sandwich herself between Cameron and Camilla!

We looked briefly at the furniture store, trying to visualize Paela in a twin-sized bed, but her legs are just a touch too short to make it comfortable for her to climb on. So we shall return to trying to convince some of her stuffed animals to "sleep in the box with the others" to minimize the bed crowding. Both girls loved running around the store though. Plus, it was the store that has a huge colorful water show and little cars we could use as strollers. Fun times.  read more »

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"oh, it is so bright!"