Month of February , 2011

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snow forever!!

Snow, snow, snow. In order to prepare for the additional snow, I had to borrow a electrical mini-snow blower and move the 4 foot tall mountains of snow a couple of feet closer to the center of the lawn. After about 5 hours of this, I decided that I would end up with a psychological disorder due to the stress. We are running out of room and places to put the snow. Our roof might cave in. The drainage pipes are full and when this snow melts it will cause a second disaster. [I am reassured that the locals are talking about how much snow it is too. At least we're not out-of-town wimps! -bec]  read more »

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Winter of 2011

More snow than we can shake a stick at. Or a snowblower at.
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New York city this week was fun, though exhausting all around. Tons of walking (and carrying heavy kids) for me, eight interviews in three days for Wayne, and a very busy city full of stimuli for all the senses for the girls. I'm glad we went, and it is good to be home today.

Monday and Tuesday were full of trip preparations and getting the house in order. Wayne also took down one of his art shows. Aderyn took the chance to decide to become a one nap kid. A rough transition all around, but frankly it meant we got to do more things in NYC, so not bad timing. Aderyn is also done with bottles. Another transition, though not so rough because she eats tons of food all day long.  read more »

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8 bugs, many sick days

Most of what we did this week was be sick. Really sick. All of us. And it wasn't just the stomach flu, but also colds on top of that.

Paela skipped her class on Monday because of her nasty cold and then by Wednesday night, things got really bad. I had to drive Paela to the emergency room at the Children's hospital Thursday night carrying a bucket in my hand for both of us. She passed out and then caught a second wind LATE into the night at the hospital, around the time they kicked us out.

This wasn't a 24 hour bug either. Nope. Not even close. I'm still on a diet of crackers. Only crackers. But everyone else is doing better, somewhat. We all missed work and school and church and could barely leave the house. It is important to keep our vision focused on time beyond these moments, because they will be just a brief painful experience to be remembered. But perhaps not treasured.   read more »

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getting better

We are getting better. Mostly. Our colds took the opportunity of weakened immune systems from the stomach flu to make a huge resurgence, but we're mostly better by now and (finally) sleeping some again. Some sleep is better than none, though not as good as lots.  read more »