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Welcome to our website, home of Wayne and Rebecca Madsen. We will post events in our lives, especially relating to the artwork that Wayne is doing. Please leave comments and come back soon!

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Winter of 2011

More snow than we can shake a stick at. Or a snowblower at.
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snow forever!!

Snow, snow, snow. In order to prepare for the additional snow, I had to borrow a electrical mini-snow blower and move the 4 foot tall mountains of snow a couple of feet closer to the center of the lawn. After about 5 hours of this, I decided that I would end up with a psychological disorder due to the stress. We are running out of room and places to put the snow. Our roof might cave in. The drainage pipes are full and when this snow melts it will cause a second disaster. [I am reassured that the locals are talking about how much snow it is too. At least we're not out-of-town wimps! -bec]  read more »

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Princesses in our house:

"Princesses dance. They do not twirl and whirl. They just dance. They also sing. And they help people, like my friends. Princesses also hug and kiss people lots."

And then Paela gave me and Wayne each a great big hug. I guess she must be a princess! 

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'bless yous'

W: "Paela, do you have the sneezes?"

P: "No, I don't have the sneezes, I have the bless-yous." 

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We all had colds this week. Except for Paela. I'm glad one of us could escape those little germs! I stayed home to work on Tuesday in part because of the on-coming cold and in part because of the on-coming snow. But with deadlines at work, I couldn't afford to just rest. We've had three demos of our application in the last week. And that translates to lots of things to finish beforehand, and lots of new things to work on after.  read more »

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let it snow? NO!

It snowed. And snowed. While I may have experienced more snow than this in my life, I don't remember it. It was much more than predicted and the commonwealth of Massachusetts was put under a state of emergency. Somewhere between 18 - 24 inches fell, making the snow drifts close to three feet tall. The snow plows built a wall blocking us in our driveway, which took us most of the day to dig out of. I had hoped that Paela would enjoy the snow -- because she did in Michigan -- but it proved to be too overwhelming for her.  read more »

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Paela is a doctor (and I have a new camera)

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Let's keep this short.

We got home from Michigan on Monday. Nice quick travel, though Aderyn didn't like having to nap in our arms on one leg. Paela is a super traveling buddy. Everyone (especially Aderyn) was thankful to see all the usual toys and Star cats and things. Home was all in order (Thanks to the Jones family!). We got home early in the evening, but getting used to our own beds again was a trick. Aderyn was crying off and on all night. Paela got moved to the couch, waking a couple of times herself. Thankfully sleep has been looking up every night since.

I ordered new glasses three and a half weeks ago. They were not in on Tuesday as expected. They arrived Saturday, but we had plans so I wasn't able to get them. Maybe tomorrow.

Wayne set up a show at Axiom Art. It took a few emails and several trips, and one more is in order before the reception on Friday, but things are mostly in place.  read more »

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Aderyn likes to play with boxes

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christmas time christmas time

The girls enjoyed Christmas at their grandparent's house, but this might be the last Christmas we travel. We left Boston before a major blizzard hit, dumping close to two feet of snow. Lucky for us, we were safe before that hit. The night we left, a miracle happened: Aderyn slept through the night for the first time in her life. Of course, we had to leave at 4am, so we messed that up. [hopefully she didn't take that message the wrong way! -reb]  read more »

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