a new beginning...

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To begin with, we should mention to everyone that we are relocating our family website. Of course, if you're reading this from our new website, then it should be pretty straightforward to you. But for the rest of you who just get weekly emails, etc. it is important to note that we are using blogger's services instead of our own content management. Thanks to Karl for helping us make the transition and hopefully we won't run into too many bugs. This means we're going to be using more "mainstream" methods for videos and pictures, which I have mixed feelings about.

Also new is my sprained wrist. I have decided to become a later-in-life beginning longboard skateboarder. Mostly because I was interested in a fun way for me to get exercise in a solitary way, but because we have such a great bike trail behind our house I picked one up and promptly fell off it within the first 30 seconds of riding. Leaving sore palms and a hurt wrist. The girls got to come with me to get X-Rays, which turned out negative. I still have a record of never breaking any bone in my body, knock on wood. Paela, per her usual self, was an angel at the doctor's and quietly drew the whole time. Aderyn, per her usual self, erupted in tears at the thought of being taken away from one of her parents (no one can be in the same room as someone being imaged with X-Rays). But we managed.

Aderyn has a great difficulty staying in Sacrament meeting at church. She wiggles and fidgets and eventually manages to get Rebecca to take her out into the hall. Some days it is faster than others. Last Sunday they only left with 10 minutes to spare. Hooray.

Oh. And an anniversary. We took advantage of a certain nearby sister to babysit the girls while they were asleep (or supposed to be) and went out for some dessert at The Melting Pot. And then Rebecca convinced me to go shopping for shoes. That's all she wanted, so I was happy to oblige. [we both needed new sandals and had for a month or two, and seriously, who wants to wear socks in the summer? But shoe shopping with girls in tow was not an exciting prospect.] It was quiet, but we got to be alone and that's all that matters to us now.

A funny story about that night. Aderyn is a notoriously bad sleeper. Waking her up or disturbing her sleep is usually a guarantee for an entire night with no sleep. While Camilla was listening for the girls, Aderyn cried out. When she went in to her, she felt that her diaper was wet and thus changed her diaper. Aderyn giggled. It was a VERY unconventional thing for her to experience. Had this happened in the past, it would be a long sleepless night. But it wasn't. Is her body finally telling her that continuous sleep is good?