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The show was up Monday, but attendance was light. I had three or four professors bring their entire classes by my pre-thesis project for quick demonstrations and participation, but a bug was rampant through the code and the performance was not ideal. All morning long I was calling Rebecca desperately pleading for solutions, however none came until after we shut down and could debug the issue. (It was funny that the bug seemed to disappear when Rebecca showed up after lunch. She was the good luck charm.) New media work is always broken, they tell me. Zero1 festival kind of proved that -- the percent of functioning pieces was well below 50%.  read more »

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ATC finishing touches and etc

Mostly the week was filled with ATC prep work. There were a few other things throughout the week, but mostly it was last minute touches and setting up the show.

We got the shocking function added in early in the week, and Wayne made sure we bought/rented the equipment we didn't have already (projecter, thing to put the projecter on, thing to put over cables so no one trips, etc). Friday and Saturday were spent setting up in the gallery. It was the first time all the pieces were together at the same time, so of course it took more work than we expected. The good news is, even though we hit quite a few snags, we solved them all relatively quickly.  read more »

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My buddy Eddo

I think I'm scared of people.

I begin many months ago when I met Eddo Stern while he was out here giving a lecture for the FUSE: conversation conference. Prior to this meeting, I didn't know of his work and during his lecture/presentation something just clicked and it all made sense to me. Afterwards, I went up to talk with him and he was really distracted and kept talking with other people. I ignored this fact, but the when we met again the next day, he couldn't remember my name. Rebecca comforted my bruised (and pathetic, I might add) ego by suggesting that perhaps Eddo is the type of person who doesn't remember names and faces very well.

So I could live with that.  read more »

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home, washington

sucking on a bucketWe are all still trying to recooperate from daylight savings time and the havok it wrecked on Paela. She woke at 7 am, expecting it to be 6 am, decided it was too early and went back to sleep for another hour. This made us late for church and fueled a fussy baby who didn't know how long she was supposed to stay up or how long of naps to take on the run. Not to mention that I ended up with a two hour nap somehow.

Hopefully that will all be sorted out, although I wasn't expecting this much hassle with a baby out of step with our time frames. Does she somehow know? I doubt it.  read more »

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CAA and Dallas

Paela SittingRebecca was really happy to have me home.

After a week of conferences in Dallas, I'm very tired and was glad to be home. I'll write about the conference in a different entry, as to cover the important topics for me to remember next year and so as not to bore people with details. I need to make a list -- or rahter transpose my list from my sketch book -- of important notes to remember for next year.  read more »

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Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg

Monkey PortraitsI was looking for some monkey images, when I came across this brilliant photographer Jill Greenberg. Her work would be my dream job. I want to find a way of working with monkeys. I just need to be around monkeys. Check the link to see all her amazing monkey portraits.
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Art with a capital A

It's the baubles of the rich and powerful, baubles which they play with.
— Mongrel, artist collective
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Psychogeography of Taco Trucks in the Silicon Valley


Open source dialectic: the gift economy of artistic practice and the social systems created through open source artworks.  read more »

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current favorite artist: James Turrell

There are artists in the world. And have been for a long time. Most people create something, some create some really good things and those are the people we call "masters."

Then, sometimes, someone comes along and does something which doesn't fit into the "hey-look-what-i-can-do" category, nor into the "i-believe-this-is-what-you-call-art" arena of creativity. On the rarest of occasions in history do you get someone like James Turrell.  read more »

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