I do it! (and not bird people)

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This week we lost Keet. He was flying around, and apparently he was just as bird-brained as we teased. He flew right into the fan, fell on the floor, and died. Like he hadn't had a year to learn there is something to be avoided there. Two birds gone in a year's time is suggesting we aren't good bird owners. At least not at this time.

I was impressed by how well Paela took things. She listened very carefully, asked if we would see his spirit when we go to heaven, told me she was sad about Keet, and helped make a little memorial for him in the backyard. She also later explained things well for Camilla and Victor. She was glad to hear that I miss him too.

Aderyn has been full of "I do it!" moments. It's a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I love to see her independence. But a curse because there are even more scrapes and bruises and tantrums when she needs a little guidance sometimes. Ah, growth.

Paela had a chance to go to a friend's birthday princess tea party. She says it was fun. I think she fooled a couple of the parents there, since she didn't want to do most of the activities, but to each their own. She's also told me only Camilla, Victor, Cameron, and her friend Adeline (the birthday girl) are to come when it's her birthday. She's a girl who knows what she wants. A good skill to learn.

And work is busy. When is it not? The heat wave meant that they told us to turn off all non-essential things on Friday. We turned off lights and kept all our power hungry computers on. And in the evening we took the girls to the splash park as often as possible.

The flower I got for mother's day in bulb form has bloomed. I'm not sure who was more pleased -- me or Paela. Hopefully Aderyn has been drilled not to pick it.