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Aderyn learns from those around her (obviously) and she has picked up from Paela that we should hit one another. We try to convince them that the song actuallly goes "love one another", but it's a work in progress. Nowadays, we'll tell Aderyn "That's not nice" or "Say you're sorry" or "No hitting" when we catch her in the act, and she promptly gives Paela a great big bear hug. That's one way to apologize!

(Luckily, Paela agrees.)

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the other shoe

Normally when we leave our front closet door open, Aderyn will bring us shoes in the hopes that we will wise up and take her outside. This particular morning, however, while I was lying on the couch pretending we weren't really awake yet, Aderyn brought me one of the pump pieces from my work bag. I made a mental note to put it away before leaving for work, otherwise I'd be in trouble once I got to work. Fortunately, I did remember the pump piece.

Imagine my surprise, however, when I opened my bag at work. She hadn't just taken my pump piece -- she had made an exchange! Her left shoe was waiting for me. Perhaps by bringing me my pump piece, she had hoped I would trade her back for the shoe she dropped in my bag. Unfortunately, I did not wise up to her ways this time.

I hope she didn't need to go anywhere outside today!

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wet wipes

This is a story not for the general interest. There will be mention of diapers. And wipes. And etcetera. Let you be warned.

One day, Aderyn was a little fussy. But dinner preparations were underway and problem solving was slow to happen. Soon, I saw her toddling her way down the hall carrying her wet wipes container with her. She brought them right to me, threw them on my lap, and clapped her little hands. I scratched my head a moment or two, and then (you guessed it) took a sniff.

Thank you, Aderyn, for bringing me the wet wipes. I do so need them on your behalf.

Note: this isn't the only time she solved problems this way. She has trained us well that if she needs something, she brings it to us, throws it at us and then claps. 

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special screeches

Aderyn has added to her "special screech" repertoire. Our current "favorite" screech is the signal that she just noticed we sat down to look at the computer. The minute she notices one of us is on the computer, she crawls over as fast as she possibly can, screeching and crying and pulling on our legs until we get off the computer. Does she want us to play with her? Maybe. Mostly she just wants us to not be on the computer.

The stinker. 

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Sometimes Paela will tackle Aderyn. Her full body goes into the hold in an attemptto keep Aderyn from something, out of something, away from something.At home, it's usually to prevent her baby sister from getting into her toys and making a mess. Sometimes she does the "baby tackle" for a less self-serving purpose, like trying to keep her from reaching the oven or the electrical outlet.

Today, Wayne called from the mall to describe this scene: Aderyn crawls away from him in the play area as fast as she can to the caterpillar tunnel; some random kids follow her because, hey, she's cute; Paela notices and hurries to her sister's side where she casually drops a hand on her back (this one is mine!) and follows Aderyn to the tunnel. Where she sits and holds her sister while the other kids crowd in to watch the baby. Holds her tightly. Much to her sister's chagrin.  read more »

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baby blue

Wayne <singing to Aderyn>: Baby blue, you make my heart....

Paela: He's not blue. He's black.

Wayne: You don't think she has blue eyes?

Paela: No. Black hair. Black eyes.

Wayne: Baby black, you have the blackest hair.... 

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squeaker squeak squeaking

Aderyn has the funniest cry ever. And we knew it wasn't just us noticing when we overheard Paela playing with her dolls. Her dolls cry now with a wha-hiccough, wha-hiccough, wha-hiccough pattern. When we asked Paela how her sister cries, she demonstrated yet again: wha-hiccough! wha-hiccough!
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