santa ho ho ho

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It was the Christmas lesson for my Primary class this week. Next week we don't have Primary -- just Sacrament meeting. And so I talked to my class about Santa. I mean, Christmas. They all turned seven this year, so I actually was surprised that they believe. Especially since I already knew they don't believe in the big old bunny. I guess just because learned about all the big magical stories at once (my brothers, cough, cough), doesn't mean everyone did.

I enjoyed hearing about their traditions. One family exchanges gifts, and Santa is just in charge of the stockings (and a small gift in there). Another does one big Santa gift to the family. Another draws a name of a family member and does secret things for them all month long. Another opens presents today because they are traveling for the holidays.

So why are we bringing all of ours with us to Michigan?

We've had a fun week with Paela and Aderyn. We bundled up and took a wagon ride around the neighborhood to see lights one night. And played with nativity puppets tonight (Paela wanted to do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over!). We made a holiday ornament. We started packing (okay maybe that was just me and Wayne, not so much the girls). 

Paela also had her last "pregymnastics" class. Which ended in tears. The teachers wanted the kids to "do it all on their own" and kept stressing "their big show" and it was too much for poor Paela. She did not want to do it on her own. She is not dwelling on the experience, but it shook me up a lot to see her in tears. Although we have had more "I can't do it"s and "I don't know how"s this week (e.g. I can't walk. Or I can't wash my hands. Or I don't know how to pull up my pants). She was quite pleased to show me at home how she jumps and does cartwheels and the balance beam, informing me that she likes to do it at home but not in class.

We also had a first Primary activity where Paela met one of her Sunbeam teachers. And today was her last day of Nursery. She is sad about that. I get the feeling she is not too excited about Primary, though I've tried to talk it up and play "pretend Primary" with her. We'll see how that transition goes.

Aderyn and Paela slept in their room together last night until 3am, when Paela informed me there was a "ketchy noise" and even magic quiet dust didn't get rid of it. So she finished the night on the couch. But we are closer to them being in a room together. A room which is not ours. 

And this week will be a race against the weather. We're hoping our flight makes it out before the snow gets here!