aderyn's secret weapon

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Aderyn stayed in her own nursery class today. Wayne handed her teacher the "secret weapon" to give her after he left the room. We think it must put her teacher on her "good list" if she can give Aderyn something so treasured as a pacifier.

We made it to Walden Pond and North Bridge and Kimball Farm before my parents had to leave again. Paela was sad to lose her "best buds", but she's been asking if we can go do bumper boats ever since. Bumper boats and the indoor playground and best buds are very high on Paela's to do list. [Kimball farms is definitely one of the more fun places I have been to, with the best mini golf course I have played. It is a shame we won't be going there for the family reunion. -Wayne]

She took me to someone's house down the street earlier when she saw kids playing out front. She enjoyed telling them she's "almost" four and that her cat's name is Star cat and asking them to play her games, including pretending to run around "swimming".

We celebrated Springs Brook pool being open this week (free after 5:30!), though the spray park was closed for repairs. Aderyn loved splashing in the shallow area, and Paela enjoyed the sand. 

Wayne went to Axiom to catalog tech equipment and organize things better -- "spring cleaning"/comprehensive style. I went to a Primary training meeting another night. And combining that with pending work deadlines and Wayne's phone interview and Wayne's talk at Church today, and it's been a busy week.