on the first day of Christmas

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Tooth number two broke through for Aderyn. With no fanfare. Not even the (joyous) biting we went through with the first one. But she does chew on her shirt sleeves now.

She also had a healthy check up with her Doctor this week. Growing well, and all that entails. The spit-up thing is definitely not normal, but at least the medicine helps, mostly. The not-sleeping-all-night thing is also decidely not normal. But our Doctor has no plans of action for either. Unless we can somehow show that they are related. But really...who knows? At least the daytime is fun and games. She is running everywhere and climbing all sorts of things and playing fetch for us. What, don't you play fetch with your one-year old?

We started our advent calendar this week. Activities every day! And chocolate every day (thanks Oma and Opa)! What fun. Paela had fun with the paper tree decorating, and both girls enjoyed all the cool lights at Stone Zoo on Saturday with Camilla and Cameron. The ornaments are not really staying put on the tree. I can't imagine what little hands might be at the root of that!

We've had a lot of errands this week and are about halfway through Christmas shopping. But since we just started, that's not too shabby.

And that, my friends, is that.